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Rod Zuniga, Mortgage Loan Originator

Rod Zuniga is a dynamic professional with a diverse background that spans multiple industries. His journey began in the Marine Corps, where he honed his discipline and leadership skills as an infantryman. After military service, Rod transitioned into the creative world, leveraging his artistic talents and visual effects expertise. His passion for storytelling led him to work on captivating projects that left a lasting impact.

In the corporate arena, Rod excelled in sales and marketing roles. His ability to connect with people, understand their needs, and deliver results set him apart. For over a decade, he has managed construction projects for private equity investors, ensuring seamless execution and client satisfaction. His attention to detail, problem-solving prowess, and commitment to excellence have made him a trusted partner in the real estate industry.

But Rod’s story doesn’t end there. His passion for service has led him to volunteer with many organizations, including Rotary International, where he contributes selflessly to community projects and humanitarian causes.

Now, as a newcomer to the mortgage industry, Rod brings his unique blend of skills to the table. His fresh perspective, combined with his seasoned experience, allows him to approach mortgage origination with creativity and precision. Whether guiding first-time homebuyers or assisting seasoned investors, Rod is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals.

Connect with Rod today to explore how his multifaceted expertise can benefit you in the mortgage journey. 🏡🔑

I look forward to working with you!

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